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Raimi on Spidey 4


Sam Raimi was at SXSW this past weekend promoting DRAG ME TO HELL and you knew it wouldn't be long before questions inevitably turned spider-oriented. MTV got Raimi to dish on all things SPIDER-MAN 4 and I'll highlight some of his quotes with my commentary underneath:

"Right now weíre just working on the story for SPIDER-MAN 4 just that one film..."

This would, of course, debunk the rumor that Sony is looking to shoot two SPIDER-MAN films back-to-back. While I'm sure Sony would be thrilled if Raimi were interested, I don't get the feeling he's all that interested in killing himself to make that happen.

"I do have a pretty good idea, but Iím just not a liberty to say yet."

Raimi repeatedly used the phrase "villain or villains" in his conversations as to not even give away whether there'd be one or two. He added that he couldn't say much else about the film's villain because Sony and Marvel have a pretty careful plan about revealing supporting characters. So no Mickey Rourke confirmation yet.

"I canít imagine making a SPIDER-MAN movie without Kirsten...Of course it can be done..."

Tobey Maguire's deal has been locked up (as has, obviously, Raimi's) but Dunst still hasn't signed on to return. She not-so-secretly despised doing the SPIDER-MAN movies at the end of the run and would take a lot to bring her back. But who cares? Raimi's right, it would be hard to imagine it without her but bring her in for a cameo and promote Gwen Stacy to full-time girlfriend. It can be done and I for one think it'd be a better movie if it were done...

To read more from Raimi on SPIDER-MAN 4, click here to head to MTV.

Extra Tidbit: If not Lizard, give me Mysterio.
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