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Raimi takes Refuge


     I'll hug him and snug him and call him George

It's a always worth taking a look when Sam Raimi goes back to the Horror genre, even if it's only as a producer. I don't think I'm alone in saying I'd rather see another DRAG ME TO HELL than SPIDER-MAN 4.

Raimi and his Ghost House Pictures shingle will be overseeing supernatural horror project REFUGE, from rookie writer/director Corin Hardy. The pitch sees an isolated town being terrorized by the abominable snowman. He probably just wants to hug 'em and squeeze 'em and call them George.

Plan is to first produce a short film to serve as a teaser and allow director Hardy to hone his skills and ideas for the script that hasn't yet been fully delivered. No production slate for the project has been offered.

Extra Tidbit: My introduction to Raimi was DARKMAN. Also my introduction to Liam Neeson. Those were the days! Couldn't bring myself to watch the sequels though. Should I?



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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