Rainn a big rocker

Rainn Wilson had no shortage of projects to shoot on his summer hiatus from "The Office" but the actor has decided on THE ROCKER for Fox Atomic. In the film, Wilson will play a modern-day Pete Best; a drummer kicked out of a band right before they reach superstardom. He then concocts a new way to get the fame he thinks he deserves. Peter Cattaneo (THE FULL MONTY) will direct from a script by Ryan Jaffe and "Simpsons" vet Wally Wolodarsky. Wilson recently wrapped the Jennifer Garner dramedy JUNO and has a number of projects in the works including BANZAI SHADOWHANDS, GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE and KANAN RHODES. Of course all of those can't be filming this summer while Wilson has a short break from "The Office." But really how long can NBC keep Wilson, Steve Carell, John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer all on the same show. They're each becoming movie stars in their own right and in about a year or two won't have the time left for a sitcom. I guess that leaves us with the further adventures of Toby, which really wouldn't be an awful thing.

Extra Tidbit: Shawn Levy (NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM) will produce the film for Fox.
Source: Variety



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