Rambo 4 script review!

If you're running around your house beating the meat (in both the literal training-for-boxing and figurative masturbatory ways) in anticipation of ROCKY BALBOA, you're no doubt equally juiced up about ROCKY 4, codenamed PEARL OF THE COBRA. [On a quick tangent, I had never heard of a cobra pearl before so I Wikied it. Apparently a pearl does grow in the hood of a cobra and according to legend, "will prove invaluable to [the owner], destroy their misfortune and enemies, enhance their reputation and bestow victory." I needs to gets me one of them.] The troublemakers at Latino Review have gotten a copy of the latest script - so hot off the presses it's still steaming - revised by Sly himself. What do they think? It's a solid B+ according to them, which ain't too half bad. It has some spoilers but leaves the 2nd half of the movie intact so as not to ruin any of the bigger surprises. Click here to check it out over at Latino. RAMBO 4 is currently filming in Thailand.

Source: Latino Review



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