Rambo 5?

Well we've got the new name and we've got the poster for the fourth RAMBO, so it's only right that they start the ball rolling on the next flick. Cinemablend is reporting today that they've heard from a scooper that Stallone is already in negotiations to make the fifth film, and my question is why the hell not? Who cares about branching out, testing your creativity, exploring your love of acting? Why bother, when you can continue to make RAMBO films? Pumping bullets into bad guys never gets old! Apparently this deal is part of a two-picture package that Stallone would have. And no, the other film wouldn't be RAMBO VI: STILL NO GUNS? TOLD YOU AIN'T CHANGIN' NOTHIN', it will be his long-gestating film about troubled writer Edgar Alan Poe, titled, simply POE. Still, this is all still just a rumor, but an interesting one at that. What do you guys think? Hungry for more RAMBO? Or should Sly put the character to rest, maybe make another ROCKY?
Extra Tidbit: Apparently, for RAMBO V Stallone wants to use an alternate screenplay that he wrote for RAMBO IV, which sees Rambo's daughter being kidnapped by cult leaders.
Source: CinemaBlend



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