Rambo 5 may be happening after all. Or will it? Nope.

Just last week, Sylvester Stallone essentially jammed a really huge knife into his famous screen war veteran. "I think Rambo's pretty well done," he said, preferring instead to focus on an EXPENDABLES sequel.

But then Slashfilm spotted this poster at Cannes, clearly indicating that the character would return (and in the same shirt from the last movie). Did Sly forget to tell the people who bankrolled the last RAMBO that he didn't plan on doing another? Were they optimistically hoping to lure him back by drumming up interest at the French film fest?

Apparently not. Stallone got AICN's Harry Knowles on the blower to set things straight. Bottom line: RAMBO V is deader than Richard Crenna.

At least to him. Sly says that he's inserting some additional footage into the upcoming Blu-Ray of RAMBO to tie things up... but he admits that the rights-holders of the character could theoretically make their own RAMBO movie(s) without him, which he gives his blessing.

Extra Tidbit: A Stalloneless RAMBO movie? Yeah, right. Might as well turn the character into a cheesy animated show instead. Oh, wait...
Source: slashfilmAICN



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