Rambo 5 plot details

     Rambo vs The Arrow

Lots of ink has been flowing over the week-end regarding details on the next RAMBO flick, with some saying its sci-fi undertones would make it a UNIVERSAL SOLDIERS rip-off. But the truth actually makes it sound really cool. Sorry Mike Sampson, none of your ideas made the cut...

The film will be loosely based on a novel by LEVIATHAN author James Byron Huggins called "Hunter", which Stallone had acquired the rights to a while ago.  According to plot details sent out to medias this week-end, the film would see Rambo (and a new 22 year-old sidekick...) called on to track down a savage creature resulted from top-secret experiments to create the perfect soldier.

The sidekick thing I admit is a bit too...I dunno, just rings bad, but otherwise sound kick-ass to have Rambo come full circle from the first film where HE was the tracked menace. Sly explained his views to AICN (complete with voice mail which we can listen to) where he explained the menace to not be a government-controlled super soldier but a "feral beast" that was the horrible result of fringe experiments. Could be quite cool. Rambo vs The F*cked-Up Wolfman. Co-Starring Robin Williams...

Extra Tidbit: I liked Mike's idea of "Rambo vs Arrow in the Head". That's him in the pic about to blow Sly's brains out. Lookin' good, John.
Source: AICN



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