Rambo is coming

RAMBO is only about a month away from release, and Sylvester Stallone and Lionsgate are doing their best to get the word out there. The studio recently placed a 78-foot graffiti-inspired billboard of the warrior in Times Square, an image that will remain there until the film's release on January 25, 2008. Stallone himself was also walking around town this week with the same "graffiti-inspired" image plastered on his back! Check out the video below for that, or CLICK HERE to check out the film's official site. By the way, one of our JoBlo.com staff-members has already seen the film and said that it was a friggin' blast, so let's hope that the flick actually comes through as well! Thanks to 'Der Prasiden' for the head's up.

Extra Tidbit: This film had a variety of "working titles" before it settled on just RAMBO, including TO HELL AND BACK, RAMBO IV, IN THE SERPENT'S EYE, END OF PEACE, HOLY WAR, PEARL OF THE COBRA and my personal favorite, JOHN RAMBO.
Source: NY PostTMZ



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