Rambo poster

There's been a bit of back-and-forthing on the upcoming fourth RAMBO movie -- initially it was just to be titled JOHN RAMBO, following in the same surname steps of Stallone's other resurgence ROCKY BALBOA. Then apparently the studio pulled the trigger on RAMBO: TO HELL AND BACK, which Stallone has since rescinded.

Is it now called something even simpler? Filmforce has the first official teaser poster (another image went around recently but turned out to be a fan-made concoction) with an even shorter title. It's a nice iconic image depicting the elderly ex-Green Beret in the moist climate of Burma, where he kills the shit out of every one of the sadistic soldiers in the region.

Rambo comes out of retirement to provide mayhem for your entertainment in January. You can get a good look at the new poster RIGHT HERE.
Extra Tidbit: When plans for a fourth RAMBO movie were mentioned a few years back, the original premise sounded more like a Seagal movie -- Rambo was "settled" with a new family in the US, rescuing a kidnapped daughter from a splinter militant faction.
Source: Filmforce



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