Rambo's pissed off

We're all aware that Sylvester Stallone is reviving injustice-thwarting soldier John J. Rambo for an upcoming third sequel, expertly titled JOHN RAMBO. What we weren't necessarily aware of was whether the gericurled soldier would be as pissed off at the atrocities committed by the villains he's fighting as he was in the previous films. As the new picture below shows, yes, he's still a raging ball of evil fighting fury.

What's more, Stallone recently offered the Italian press some insight into the inspiration behind the source of Rambo's ire this time around. He relates: "…I wondered, what is the current war today which goes by most unnoticed - those which immortalize genocides and violence and create mal-adjusted persons, rebels, mercenaries to wreck any peace ideal? I met war correspondents; I read a lot! Everyone that I interviewed answered me: there is a terrible political, social, religious war in Burma." Read the rest of what he had to say HERE or by clicking on the wild-eyed rage erupting from Rambo's eyes.

John Rambo

Extra Tidbit: JOHN RAMBO went through several subtitles including END OF PEACE, HOLY WAR, IN THE SERPENT'S EYE and the cryptically off-putting PEARL OF THE COBRA.
Source: Dark Horizons



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