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Ramones get biopic


There's no stoppin' the cretins from hoppin' -- legendary rockers and pop-culture icons The Ramones may finally be getting their due on the big screen. Gabba gabba hey!

Fox Searchlight (aka "the good Fox") is trying to hook a deal for a movie about the influential quartet, based on an upcoming memoir by Joey Ramone’s brother Mickey Leigh and longtime Ramones chronicler Legs McNeil. The movie project, centering of course on the towering singer and various backstage drama (mostly with his bandmate/antithesis Johnny), is currently trying to untangle a web of rights issues.

Arguably the founders of punk, you might say that no other band could do as much with two minutes and three chords. But despite their seemingly simple music and goofball facade, the group members were complex, intelligent, charming and very different (check out the excellent documentary END OF THE CENTURY for evidence).

Extra Tidbit: A Ramones movie is a pet project of "Entourage" fake-actor Vincent Chase -- who should be cast in real life?
Source: THR



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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