Rampage set for A-Team

There were rumors that UFC fighter Quinton "Rampage" Jackson would be starring in THE A-TEAM as B.A. Baracus, a rumor that was quickly shot down by his agent. But now it seems that was just a clever smokescreen as the Vancouver Sun is reporting that Mr. Rampage is in town with the production rehearsing for the film. Other hints that Rampage will be otherwise indisposed? His upcoming UFC fights have either been canceled or postponed.

Rampage would join Bradley Cooper and Liam Neeson in the film to be directed by Joe Carnahan (SMOKIN ACES). Before you get concerned that the role of B.A. is being taken on by a UFC fighter, know that Rampage has acted before in MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN and "The King of Queens." Frankly I think that either Common or Ice Cube would be a better choice but I guess they didn't have the realistic ability to beat someone's ass as Mr. Rampage does. A-TEAM is currently in rehearsals and expect word on more casting from the film soon.

Extra Tidbit: I'm not sure how Rampage earned his nickname but it's probably not because he loved the old arcade game.
Source: Vancouver Sun



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