Rat confirms Conan

Brett Ratner Brett "The Rat" Ratner has been mulling over two high profile projects in the last few weeks - a CONAN (as in CONAN THE BARBARIAN) reboot and the sequel BEVERLY HILLS COP IV - but he's decided to ditch Axel Foley for the time being and actively develop the new adventures of the beefcake warrior. The Rat apparently sparked to the screenplay by Joshua Oppenheimer and Thomas Dean Donnelly and wants to get started on it as soon as Oppenheimer and Donnelly put a polish on the script, incorporating some of The Rat's idea. The Rat hopes to get this baby shot and cut for a 2010 release with Lionsgate hoping to milk this bad boy into a franchise. They're looking to give The Rat 85 million bucks to bring the beefcake and scantily clad babes back. And if anyone can do justice to scantily clad babes, it's snatch magnet The Rat. But don't think he's done with BEVERLY HILLS COP IV either. As soon as he's finished with CONAN, he's gonna be all over that like the playboy twins he routinely bangs. Alright, now that the news has sunk in, let the Rat bashing begin!

Extra Tidbit: The Rat was considered to direct GET SHORTY.
Source: THR



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