Ratner does Playboy

Brett Ratner has signed on to direct a biopic of legendary cocksman and "Playboy" founder Hugh Hefner. The film, which bears the not-so-unique title of PLAYBOY, will follow Hef's life at the forefront of the sexual revolution (sez Ratner: "I want to show it all, from the First Amendment struggles to his first orgy"). Ratner steps in to replace Oliver Stone who had been developing the project with writer Scott Silver (8 MILE) but left to direct JAWBREAKER. Ratner and producer Brian Grazer pitched a new concept recently to Hef who bit and signed on the dotted line. Perhaps most unbelievable of this story is that Ratner claims this was the first time he was ever at the Playboy Mansion. Ratner has RUSH HOUR 3 coming August 10th and hasn't yet decided on his next project. He's working on a "black OCEAN'S 11" with Eddie Murphy and Chris Rock. that he hopes to convince Dave Chappelle, Chris Tucker, Jamie Foxx and Denzel Washington to co-star. Whichever project is ready first will go before cameras first.

Extra Tidbit: Hefner acknowledged he dabbled in bisexuality in the 70s. Wonder if that'll make the movie...
Source: Variety



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