Ratner to Shrink Men

Brett Ratner has emerged as the forerunner for the directing gig on Universal's THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN. Eddie Murphy is attached to star and although formal talks have not yet begun, I might yet be contracted to kill myself. I kid, of course, I'm really just jealous of Ratner.

The film is a new take on the classic 1957 sci-fi horror piece about a dude who begins to shrink and can do nothing to stop what is happening to him. The new version will be a comedic spin that sees a Las Vegas magician put under a spell that causes him to shrink. He will have to find a way to reverse the spell before he gets so small that he "disappears". I don't like to spoil the endings to movies, but at this point I'd conjecture that the ending Ratner is brining to the table will be something like: at five feet Murphy suddenly stops shrinking. Spell seems to have worn off. And not a second too late because robots have invaded planet. Chris Tucker is their leader. Epic battle. Takes place in strip club. Robots don't understand what Tucker is saying. Hilarious conclusions.
Extra Tidbit: Orson Welles did the narration for the trailer for the original SHRINKING MAN.



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