Ratner's Conan?!?

What's not so good in life? To crush the audience hopes and hear the squealing of some fine chicks.

Ahem. We've been hearing about the new CONAN flick for a while now, as the barbarian surfs on a resurgence of popularity. A bunch of screenwriters have wrestled with the Cimmerian over the past year or so, and while many director's names (everyone from Rob Zombie to Neil Marshall) have drifted around the project like those hand-animated spirits fluttering around Mako, none have come to fruition.

So how would you feel about... Brett Ratner?

That's the current skullduggery according to Dread Central -- Ratner may be attached to the project, virtually ensuring its visual anonymity, tons of scantily clad whores and warrior-babes, and uncomfortable amount of comic relief.

On the plus side, if the script is good enough, Ratner may just come in for point-and-shoot filmmaking, letting the second unit and FX crew handle the grander task of creating something watchable.

Ratner has been on and off a number of other projects over the past year or two, so we'll see how this shakes out.

Extra Tidbit: Crom... grant me one request. A decent CONAN movie. And if you do not listen, then to HELL with you!
Source: Dread Central



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