Ray Bradbury headed back to the big screen with From The Dust Returned

Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury is one of those quietly genius writers who is consistently able craft a connective tissue between the possibilities of science fiction/the supernatural world and very human characters without seemingly breaking a sweat. Adapted numerous times over the years, with a long-gestating version of FAHRENHEIT 451 breaking Frank Darabont's heart every day he doesn't get to make it, Bradbury might be on track to return to cinemas with MGM's recent acquisition of his 2002 short story collection FROM THE DUST RETURNED. 

"The book is set up with a series of vignettes, told to Timothy by his mummified grandmother, on the eve of a family reunion that takes place each Halloween. The stories reveal the eccentric ghouls that comprise his family. Mom and dad are loving vampires; teen sister Cecy is immobilized and bed-ridden, but she can teleport into the bodies of other mortals so that she can experience human emotions, Uncle Einar is a green-winged vampire who serves as a human kite for Timothy. To Timothy, who was dropped on their doorstep, it’s family."

What I'm most curious about is whether the project will be animation or live-action, as if its the latter we're especially going to need a strongly visual-minded director to take the reins.  I'd probably vote for Shane Acker (9) if FROM THE DUST RETURNED ends up being animation or Troy Nixey (DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK) if it is live-action.  You?

From the Dust Returned book cover

Extra Tidbit: THE GOLDEN APPLES OF THE SUN is an incredible collection that you should read immediately if you have not already. Not only is it a quick read, but the stories themselves are full of unexpected turns and characters and all sorts of subtle sci-fi awesomeness.
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