Ray Liotta joins 50 Cent in the Mario Van Peebles film Things Fall Apart

I would probably be more excited for this if I knew Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson could actually act, even when working with good filmmakers such as Jim Sheridan (GET RICH OR DIE TRYIN') and now Mario Van Peebles (BAADASSSSS!) with his upcoming film THINGS FALL APART. But joining him will be an actor that can certainly live up to that title: Ray Liotta.

According to Variety, the film - which is also written by the raptor himself along with writing partner Brian Miller (CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE) - "centers around a star football running back, played by Jackson, who faces a personal tragedy as well as his own mortality while in his senior year in college." Liotta will be playing "Dr. Brintall" in the film. No other details about his character are revealed. Director Van Peebles will also star in the film.

50 Cent has a whole slew of projects on the way, including TWELVE, 13 (these two are not related), CAUGHT IN THE CROSSFIRE, VENGEANCE, GUN, BLOOD OUT (not to be confused with the truly incredible/incredibly terrible BLOOD IN, BLOOD OUT), THE SKI MASK WAY, and JEKYLL AND HYDE.

Ray Liotta meanwhile was last seen (or probably not seen) earlier this year in the Tim Allen-directed CRAZY ON THE OUTSIDE. Sometime later this year he'll show up in the family comedy SNOWMEN. After that, he'll have THE DETAILS, TICKET OUT, THE SON OF NO ONE, SAVAGE INNOCENT from KIDS director Larry Clark, and ENTITLED.

THINGS FALL APART is currently shooting in Michigan.
Extra Tidbit: Seriously, if this story can at least turn you onto the glory/shame that is BLOOD IN, BLOOD OUT, then I've done well.
Source: Variety



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