Razzie Winners

I haven't been the biggest fan of the Razzies since they gave Tom Cruise a nod for WAR OF THE WORLDS, but by and large they get their shit dead on. Probably the best award they gave out was for Worst Screen Couple, the recipients being Lindsay Lohan and Lindsay Lohan in I KNOW WHO KILLED ME. In related news after seeing that film the award for Most Meant For Each Other went to my index finger, the inside of my mouth, and a pistol. You can check out the full set of results over HERE, but the cliff notes version is that I KNOW WHO KILLED ME set a new Razzie record with 8 wins, Eddie Murphy's NORTBIT - in spite of making sixty hundred bajillion dollars, got three, and in conclusion I hate Hollywood. Surprisingly BLONDE AND BLONDER was absent from the awards, but it's only a matter of time before a Most Likely To Induce Projectile Vomit category is introduced and Pam Anderson starts cleaning up. She will be unstoppable.
Extra Tidbit: Sure, terrible movie, but whatever is the opposite of 'every rose has its thorns'.
Source: Razzies.com



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