RDJ off 'Cowboys & Aliens', opts for 'Holmes' sequel

Jon Favreau's COWBOYS & ALIENS, an adaptation of the 2006 graphic novel of the same name, was seemingly all set to begin shooting this summer until it lost its duster-wearin' lead.

According to EW, Robert Downey Jr. is off his IRON MAN director's upcoming project due to a scheduling conflict with the now fast-tracked sequel to last month's surprise hit SHERLOCK HOLMES (which has made nearly $300 million worldwide so far).

Warner Bros. commissioned the HOLMES sequel's script by Kieran and Michele Mulroney back in September, and is now locking down the cast for a June start date. Unfortunately for Favreau, that's approximately the same time when COWBOYS & ALIENS would've commenced production. According to producers of Favreau's film, they will be sticking to their original timetable but will now begin searching for a new actor to play cowboy Zeke Jackson.

According to Variety back in September, COWBOYS & ALIENS is based off a graphic novel that was originally a high concept project making its rounds in Hollywood as far back as 1997 based off a one-sheet depicting a cowboy and space ship. Per Variety: "The film is set in the Old West, where cowboys and Native Americans battle in Arizona, until a space ship crashes and a new enemy emerges, equipped with superior technology."
Extra Tidbit: Looks like RDJ and Jon Favreau will have to wait for IRON MAN 3 to reunite again. :(



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