RDJ & Tina Fey

I can hardly think of an actorly pairing that would get my geekiness a tingling as much as Robert Downey, Jr. and Tina Fey. That's just maybe two of my five favorite people right now (and keep in mind that I'm on that list somewhere too). Lucky for me, Hollywood is still using high frequency radio waves to tap into my thoughts and a Robert Downey, Jr./Tina Fey pairing is in the works. RDJ and Fey are in talks to voice the lead characters in the upcoming DreamWorks animated film MASTER MIND. The film would follow a supervillain (Downey, Jr.) who lapses into an existential crisis after he accidentally kills his arch nemesis. It's unclear what character Fey would be voicing at this point. The movie would reunite RDJ with his TROPIC THUNDER pal Ben Stiller, who's producing the movie for DWA. DreamWorks currently has MASTER MIND set for a fall 2010 release and the film is being prepped in 3-D. Now if we could only get Downey, Jr. to film a cameo on "30 Rock" we'd be all set...

Extra Tidbit: Downey, Jr.'s son is a huge fan of "Family Guy" so RDJ recorded a character for an episode in 2006.
Source: EW.com



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