Re-Animator 3D?

Stuart Gordon's RE-ANIMATOR is one of my all-time favorite horror flicks, and though I would instinctively fear the notion of remaking it, there's certainly something intriguing about the idea of gruesome innards blasting from the screen in three dimensions.

But alas, despite recent rumors that a 3D RE-ANIMATOR remake is in the works, those rumors remain precisely that. STYD spoke with producer Ray Haboush, who dismissed all  gossip about writer, director, cast or shooting location for the supposed update.

However, Haboush did squirt one juicy bit: "We have been discussing amongst ourselves the idea of remaking RE-ANIMATOR, in 3D, however, at the moment, it is still only a concept."

So there you go -- it's conceivable, but not anywhere in the near future. The original, loosely based on an HP Lovecraft tale, focused on obsessed scientist Herbert West and his horrific experiments in returning dead tissue to life.

At one point, Stuart Gordon had planned to put the flesh-rejuvenating formula in the Capitol for HOUSE OF RE-ANIMATOR (with original star Jeffrey Combs and William H. Macy as the President), but that seems to have disappeared for now.

Extra Tidbit: BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR and BEYOND RE-ANIMATOR director Brian Yuzna is currently working on a 3D monster movie called AMPHIBIOUS.
Source: STYD



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