RE:4 details...

With low-budget horror continuing to do well at the box-office, Sony continuing to develop RESIDENT EVIL 4. Our sister site, Arrow in the Head, is reporting some exclusive details on the development of the film. They're reporting that Patrick Tatopoulos, who just released his directorial debut UNDERWORLD: RISE OF THE LYCANS, will be in charge of the creature effects for the film and that they've hired Michael Lantieri (JURASSIC PARK 3) as their Special FX supervisor. Apparently the script, written by Paul WS Anderson, is darker than previous entries (if you can believe that) and will actually take place in Alaska (shades of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT?). Their next step is casting, which starts at the top with Milla. Securing her services is apparently the top priority now and afterward they will begin looking for a director (Anderson has already ruled himself out). Might I suggest Tatopoulos? If he's already working on the film, he's proved he can manage a lower-budget horror film and open it to big numbers. Why not give the man a shot? For more details, head over to AITH to read their full report on the RE:4 goings-on.

Extra Tidbit: I think they really need a good hook to get people interested in this franchise again...
Source: AITH



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