Real life Watchmen

Shadowhare If you thought the Alan Moore imagined and Zack Snyder visualized dystopian world of ordinary folk becoming costumed heroes in WATCHMEN was relegated to comics and celluloid…you were wrong. It's real and gaining in popularity.

Meet Shadowhare. He roams the streets of Cincinnati in his home made costume looking to right injustice and punish evil-doers. He may not always succeed, he may be ridiculed and he may suffer significant injuries as a result but that hasn't deterred him from getting out there to fight crime. And he's not the only one. A growing number of ordinary folk are making their own costumes, giving themselves appropriate superhero names and doing their small part to punish criminals. They've even formed Alliances and meet in online forums to discuss partnerships, exchange ideas, get updates or simply just to shoot the shit with like-minded crime fighters.

So they've got the costumes, they're out there fighting crime. Now they just need to work on their taglines. Never fear, Shadowhare is here! Or maybe something less cheesy. Read more about Shadowhare over HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Now somebody just needs to step into a radiation chamber, get de-materialized, reconstruct himself at the atomic level and be reborn a naked blue demi-god.
Source: WLWT



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