Real Stardust trailer

Last week, there was a trailer roaming around the internets purporting to be an official trailer for the Matthew Vaughn-directed adaptation of Neil Gaiman's fantasy adventure STARDUST. As was quickly revealed, however, it was merely someone with access to production shots and a penchant for the swashbuckling who produced it. The upside of this, however, is that it forced the studio to release the real trailer before they probably had intended and it seems sooner than any of us had intended because it's recently premiered over at Yahoo.

While the visuals, story and how they've seemed to change it, hell, even the way the trailer's presented all look fan-bloody-tastic and we're once again shown Michelle Pfeiffer taking her clothes off (which any male of a heterosexual inclination appreciates on several levels), Yvaine, as portrayed by the lovely Ms. Claire Danes seems oddly subdued. Maybe I'm being a stickler for details but I prefer my Yvaine angry and fiesty. All in all, though, I'd have to say…awesome. Click through to check it out. STARDUST opens August 10th.


Extra Tidbit: Neil Gaiman maintains a really good blog HERE.
Source: Yahoo Movies



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