RED 2 picks up the director of Galaxy Quest

Smaller RED posterRED, to my mind, had just the right balance of action, humor, and energy so as to make it a really fun movie to watch. You could definitely tell that everyone was having a really good time with the work, letting loose in a way that past projects may not have quite allowed them to.

While a sequel has been talked up for a while now without much concrete movment beyon the script stage, things are looking more and more sure as Dean Parisot has been brought on to direct. And as the director of GALAXY QUEST, Parisot has shown that he's a guy who knows how to bring action and humor together. Hopefully he can do so again here, especially with a cast that is somehow possibly even more cool than that of GALAXY QUEST.

Also, Helen Mirren is a fox.  It's wild.  I don't understand it.  Maybe she picked up some sorcerery while working on EXCALIBUR, but no matter how the magic works she's just as beautiful and talented now as she once was.

Helen Mirren being incredibly foxy

Extra Tidbit: Parisot's next movie is called SEAL TEAM 7 and deals with "when the ancient city of Atlantis threatens to attack the surface, a brilliant grad student joins his father's Special Ops team being sent down to stop the ocean invaders. "
Source: Variety



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