Red band Mirrors

Towards the end of this new red-band trailer for MIRRORS, Keifer Sutherland shouts, to no one in particular, "What do you want?!" Just a good movie Keif. The original trailer left a lot (a LOT) to be desired. We've got a lot of improvement with this new trailer but after the HAPPENING red band trailer, I just don't know what to believe. That was about as creepy as they come and the movie still disappointed.

The red-band MIRRORS trailer is definitely gory, definitely spoilery but definitely showing signs of promise. Still reminds me a little too much of the post-RING J-horror films and that kid ("Mommy?...") annoys the poop outta me but overall I think we've got a more reflective look (put most absolutely intended) at what Alex Aja's vision for MIRRORS is. And dig that backwards Fox logo! You can stream the trailer below or head to IGN to see it in HD.

Extra Tidbit: There was a girl I knew in college whose nickname was Queefer Sutherland for reasons I'm sure you can guess.
Source: FoxIGN



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