Red band Wanted!

I'm not sure I understand this WANTED hate that seems to be simmering on the web (whereas I sort of understand the anti-HAPPENING backlash). An R-rated comic adaptation with cars, blood, babes, bullets and Morgan Freeman. It may sound like one of JoBlo's tequila-induced dreams, but it's WANTED and it looks pretty enjoyable to me. As evidence I submit Exhibit B, the new red band trailer. I love it for no other reason that you have Morgan Freeman bellowing "Shoot this muthaf*cka!" Bruce Willis could say this line and I don't know that I'd care but coming out of Morgan Freeman it sounds like something I want on a t-shirt.

Because the trailer is red band you'll have to pass our crack security code and prove you're over 18. Also, I recommend that after you check it out below you head to iTunes to download it in super HD. WANTED hits theaters on June 27.

Extra Tidbit: In the comic, Angelina Jolie's character wore ears like a kitten.
Source: iTunes



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