Red Hulk smash?

In an attempt to capitalize on the upcoming summer release of THE INCREDIBLE HULK, Marvel comics is looking to revitalize its "Hulk" comic line. And by revitalize I mean "completely f*ck with." Beginning in "Hulk #2" readers will see a new Hulk - one that is red. Who this new Hulk is (it may or may not be Banner) remains to be seen but he is "a thinking, calculating, brutal weapon-toting kind of Hulk" according to creator mastermind Jeph Loeb. (*cough*HELLBOY*cough*....) Loeb, a former producer for "Lost" and currently at "Heroes," came up with the concept to bring "danger" back to the comic and the character. All you Hulk purists can rest somewhat easier with reassurances that green Hulk will return in "Hulk #4" to "do battle." The move is just the latest in a series of publicity stunts by Marvel to help boost interest on their classic character books. In 2007 Marvel killed of Captain America and broke up the marriage of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. How about one day we do a Hulk battle royal with Green, Red and Grey all facing off to do battle? Maybe they can throw in a yellow or blue Hulk for good measure...

Extra Tidbit: "Hulk #2" goes on sale Wednesday.
Source: USA Today



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