Red Riding Hood gets hardcore in first pics from the set

I knew that Catherine Hardwicke (of TWILIGHT directing fame) was attached to an adaptation of RED RIDING HOOD with Amanda Seyfried, but I hadn’t realized it had already started shooting.

But so it has, and these first few pictures from the set feature most of the cast in their various period-ish costumes. Supposedly the tale is a harder-core version of the kid’s classic, although to be fair, that story was pretty messed up as it was if I recall. Those Brothers Grimm sure are twisted.

Supposedly in this version there’s somehow a teenage love-triangle involved (naturally), and also the need for Gary Oldman to dress up like Grimace. Oh, he’s a priest sent to hunt down the werewolf? That so does not make it better.

Check out the pictures below, and speculate on what the hell this is going to be like when it’s released.

Extra Tidbit: What's the next fairytale to be feature film-ed? Remember there's already an Adam McKay HANSEL AND GRETEL movie in the works.



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