Red Sonja details

We know that Rose McGowan will be slipping into the chainmail bikini of flame-haired warrior RED SONJA, but things have been relatively quiet on the Robert Rodriguez-produced project ever since Comic Con.

Now more details of the story have emerged courtesy of Movie Set's Patrick Sauriol (how about a new Coming Attractions, man?), who got his monkey claws on a story breakdown for the upcoming flick.

It seems that the movie will follow Sonja's transformation from a victim of savagery to the "Red Goddess' Blade of Justice". She teams with mischievous childhood friend Cyrus and mentor Ozzyus to hack her way through the forces of evil Kulan Gath and exact revenge for the brutal slaying of her family. You can read the full detailed synopsis RIGHT HERE.

The movie, now due in 2010, is based on CONAN creator Robert E. Howard's mythical busty sword-swinger made famous in Marvel Comics and recent books from Dynamite.

Extra Tidbit: Howard's original "Red Sonya" was a pistol-wielding Renaissance-period secondary character before her alteration for comics.
Source: MovieSet



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