Redford kills Lincoln

The Lincolnator will emancipate your a**!

If Spielberg won't bring us the life of Abraham Lincoln on screen, at least there's someone like Robert Redford around to bring us his death.

The director and Sundance creator is set to direct indie drama THE CONSPIRATOR, centered around Mary Surratt who was an alleged conspirator of Lincoln's assassin John Wilkes Booth and became the first woman executed by the U.S. Federal Government.

The film, set for a fall production slate, comes from screenwriter James Solomon whose previous credits include the awesome ESPN original series THE BRONX IS BURNING.

No word yet on who would play Surrat, but word around the water cooler has James McAvoy on top of Redford's list for one of the main roles, presumably Booth - kinda looks like him too... Isn't he on top of EVERYONE'S list these days? Not a bad thing, mind you.

Extra Tidbit: Should Redford trump Spielberg and recruit Liam Neeson? If not, I say Willem Dafoe. With platform shoes.
Source: Risky Biz Blog



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