Reitman has hot Body

Director Jason Reitman and writer Diablo Cody (JUNO) are set to reteam on the upcoming supernatural teen comedy JENNIFER'S BODY for Fox Atomic. The studio picked up Cody's spec script in October and just recently came to terms with Reitman to direct and produce the film. Says Reitman's producing partner Dan Dubiecki, "We're here because Diablo's voice and our voice align." Megan Fox is set to star in the film about a high school cheerleader possessed by a demon who starts killing boys in her hometown. Her best friend is forced to stop her and the heavy metal band who was responsible for the possession. Considering the best friend character is described as a "plain Jane," I'm assuming that won't be the role Fox is playing. Besides, she just kinda exudes possessed by the devil. Reitman, Cody and Fox have JUNO hitting theaters on December 5th and JENNIFER'S BODY is expected to begin production shortly after that. Reitman is also developing BANZAI SHADOWHANDS at Fox for Rainn Wilson and Cody has GIRLY STYLE (described as SUPERBAD for girls) in the works at Universal.

Extra Tidbit: Cody's real name is Brook Busey-Hunt.



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