Remember Me trailer

Would you watch a movie with Robert Pattinson as long as it also involved Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, and Emilie de Ravin?

It probably depends on what you think of the trailer for REMEMBER ME. I don't know how many of you will like it. The lovely Emilie de Ravin might make you go from six to midnight. There's some pretty awkward lines that the actors deliver, but honestly, it may not be so bad. I'll watch most anything that has Chris Cooper in it.

The story is about two lovers, Tyler (Pattinson) and Ally (de Ravin), who fall in love but try not to fall apart when secrets are uncovered that might threaten their relationship. It's really nice to see de Ravin in something besides LOST. I love that show, but when she left, it was really sad. As far as Pattinson goes, he's playing the rebel with Daddy issues. At times it comes off a little corny, but I really think that there's more to him than a sparkly Edward exterior. Tell us what you think!

Extra Tidbit: Everytime the imaginary peanut butter gets brought up from LOST, I tear up.
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