Renee gets Chilled

It's been a while since we had a good ole fashioned Renee Zellweger romantic comedy so the actress has jumped right back into the genre. Zellweger has signed on to co-star with Harry Connick, Jr. in CHILLED IN MIAMI. She'll star as a successful Miami businesswoman who gets relocated to Minnesota and suffers from some culture shock. But of course she falls in love with a rugged country man who helps her learn the lesson that blah and blah blah blah and blah. Doesn't this sound an awful lot like SWEET HOME ALABAMA? And when you're ripping off bad Reese Witherspoon romantic comedies to make bad Renee Zellweger romantic comedies, you know you're in trouble. CHILLED will be directed by Jonas Elmer, a Danish director who worked on NYNNE, which was described as a "Danish BRIDGET JONES." Zellweger will film APPALOOSA with Viggo Mortensen before starting work on CHILLED early next year. She can be heard this fall in the animated BEE MOVIE and has LEATHERHEADS and the thriller CASE 39 on the way.

Extra Tidbit: Renee Zellweger hooking up with Paul McCartney??...
Source: Variety



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