Reno has 22 Bullets

Been a while since we were treated to Jean Reno the badass, hasn't it? Not that COUPLES RETREAT was bad, just not the kinda thing I like to see him in. And that JUST VISITING U.S. remake, not the kinda thing I like to see period. But that's just me...

Reno looks to be back in bloody glory with 22 BULLETS, based on the French novel "L'Immortel". He'll be playing a retired mafia hitman who goes after the long-time rival who left him for dead and riddled with 22 bullets. Hence the title. Kinda robs the mystique of it when you know beforehand what the title means. Sorry guys.

Reno's frequent co-star Richard Berry steps behind cameras for this one, working from his own screenplay. Question is whether Reno is played out as an ass-kicker, or if he still has a few Leons up his sleeve.

Thanks to Quiet Earth for the heads-up. Oh, and here's the international promo banner for the film.


Extra Tidbit: Wonder why there hasn't been a U.S. remake of Reno's WASABI, arguably his most fun and entertaining French film. Not that I'm asking for it. Perfect as it is.
Source: Quiet Earth



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