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Before Giles from "Buffy" sang about body part collecting, I remember hearing about the similarly themed REPOSSESSION MAMBO. And while that and REPO: THE GENETIC OPERA both actually filmed around the same time (October 2007), the one with the A-list cast and The RZA's crazy hair is just now making it to screens.

The other day we had a look at the crimson-soaked R-rated trailer for the novel adaptation - now truncated to REPO MEN. And while the footage appears to reveal too much (and not just of innards), it's great to see Jude Law tackle sci-fi again (and getting red on him), and Forest Whitaker in double-barrel psycho mode. Plus Liev Schreiber, Alice Braga (I AM LEGEND), Carice van Houten (BLACK BOOK) and loads of organs in various states of use.

Here's a good look at the poster!

Extra Tidbit: I hope personal infatuation Liza Lapira gets something substantial to do in this movie after a whole lot of thankless roles...
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