Repo Men trailer

Quick note, this is not a reboot of the genetic opera.

That being said, the trailer for REPO MEN might look uninspired, but I'll be the first to say I'd watch the hell out of this.

The repo guys in this story, Jude Law and Forest Whitaker don't collect just anything. If someone misses a payment, they go after them and rip open their chest for an artificial heart. Law and Whitaker are in the business of taking back expensive artificial organs. Everything seems all fun and bloody until Law's heart gets a jolt from the RZA and his awesome hair. After receiving his new heart, the debt becomes too much and his old partner (Whitaker) must hunt him down.

Liev Schreiber adds another reason to make me want to see this. Plus, when I heard the remix for "The Outsider" by A Perfect Circle, I was immediately drawn in. What do you guys think? Is it worth your time?

Extra Tidbit: Jude Law and sci-fi movies are always a good idea in my opinion.
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