Requa and Ficarra directing Steve Carell in family comedy

Warner Brothers has enlisted I LOVE PHILLIP MORRIS directors, John Requa and Glenn Ficarra to direct a new untitled Steve Carell comedy.

The film is about a Father whose life is becoming unhinged from a martial crisis and trying to manage his relationship with his kids. Maybe something along the lines of a DAN IN REAL LIFE? Except the Mom is alive this time.

This move comes two months after the script by Dan Fogelman (BOLT, FRED CLAUS) was bought for $2 million. The film will be produced by Carell's company, Carousel. Charlie Hartsock and Vance DeGeneres will assist Carell with producing as well.

PHILLIP MORRIS looks to be something worth watching. I happen to enjoy the more feminine side of Ewan McGregor. The next thing we'll see Carell in is DATE NIGHT alongside Tina Fey. Personally, I'd watch Carell in anything. Now, if only THE OFFICE would pick up some steam again.

Extra Tidbit: Originally Carell wanted to be a lawyer, but when he reached a question on an application form that said, "Why do you want to be a lawyer?" He couldn't think of anything.
Source: Variety



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