Resident Evil poster

Was the last RESIDENT EVIL movie such a success that it warranted a third? With a 50 million dollar domestic gross the answer is no, it was not, so why a group of supposedly skilled professionals must pool their talents to create another installment in this sagging franchise is beyond me. But as the poster below indicates, a third film is indeed on the horizon, and this time it goes by the name RESIDSENT EVIL: EXTINCTION. This would only make sense, since the last one was called APOCALYPSE. The poster itself is very reminiscent of the BATMAN BEGINS silhouette teaser poster that we all know and love, but not as good. The poster isn’t terrible, but it does seem like a direct rip-off of the Batman one. On the redemption side of things, the silhouette in the poster belongs to the film's star Milla Jovovich, and it's not bad to look at all. In fact, the best thing about the RESIDENT EVIL franchise has been their ominous teaser trailers, but the films have unfortunately failed to live up to that promise. The film will be unleashed on September 21, after all the summer tentpoles have raped you of your weekly allowance. Also, does anyone else think the poster would have been better without the generic 'All bets are off' tagline? I mean, come on now.

Extra Tidbit: Jovovich is engaged to RESIDENT EVIL director and Uwe Boll counterpart Paul W. S. Anderson. Wait, I take that back. He's not nearly as bad as Uwe Boll. No one is. Uwe Boll is awful.
Source: Filmick



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