Respect your badass elders Don Johnson and Steven Seagal in these two Machete posters

Let's throw some more character posters out there, shall we? (in case you missed it, we launched the exclusive Michelle Rodriguez poster on JoBlo.com just yesterday)

Bloody Disgusting has rolled out two new character posters for MACHETE.

Let me re-introduce to you, Don Johnson. Once a man of many brightly colored v-necks and white blazers, now emerges as a lone killing machine. Tell your parents that NASH BRIDGES is back! Then we move on to Steven Seagal who is channeling his inner Native American eagle spirit, you can't tell in this photo but that's what he's thinking about. He may also be thinking about seals, I'm not terribly sure.

Both of these men deserve your respect, or at least a comment saying one of them is awesome. Shower them with compliments.

Click on the posters to see them in full view over at Bloody Disgusting.

Extra Tidbit: I watch LAWMAN on A&E. Does Steven Seagal even realize some of the shit that comes out of his mouth?



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