Reubens plays with Solondz

No matter how obsessed with and addicted to masturbation I may be, I refuse to mention it in this post about Paul Reubens. So what if the guy was caught with his pants down in a movie theater masturbating. That doesn’t mean every time someone writes about him, they have to mention the fact that he was arrested for masturbating in public too, right? It’s only masturbation, right?

Anyway, no word on whether or not Todd Solondz’s (WELCOME TO THE DOLLHOUSE, PALINDROMES) will include masturbation or not, but what it will include is Paul Reubens. The actor, best known for his portrayal of Pee-wee Herman will have an upcoming role in the polarizing auteur’s next film, which is said to be a companion piece to his 1998 film HAPPINESS. A recent Yahoo article also has Reuben talking about two new Pee-wee movies he’s developing, one being a Pee-wee road movie and another one which he refers to as “the dark Pee-wee movie” in which he deals with Hollywood and the “trappings of fame.” Lesson #1, Pee-wee: when you’re famous, don’t expose yourself in movie theaters. Check out the article HERE.

I kid. We love you Paul.
Extra Tidbit: Solondz's next film is said to be called LIFE DURING WARTIME, and will star, along with Reubens, Emma Thompson, Demi Moore, Chi McBride, Chane't Johnson, Paul Dano, Renee Taylor, Faye Dunnaway, Dennis Franz and Hope Davis.
Source: Yahoo!



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