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Review: Fantastic Four 2

Sep. 25, 2007by: JoBlo

"I wish they’d have just made a SILVER SURFER movie instead of this one, and added the Fantastic Four as the 'cameo' in it, as opposed to the other way around, since the man with the silver board kicks any of the foursome’s asses..."

JoBlo reviews "Fantastic Four 2"

JOBLO NOTE: Since my health has been pretty shitty over the past few years, I haven't been able to review the same amount of films as before, but I'll be slapping some of my more recent reviews up in the next week or so (Yes, I'm feeling better this year, thanks for all your nice thoughts). Mostly of films released in 2007. I realize they're late, but like my mom used to say: "Eat all your vegetables, they're good for you." Cheers! 


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