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We were lucky enough to visit the set of the upcoming Seth Rogen comedy OBSERVE AND REPORT earlier this year. The official set report is still to come but you can read our teaser piece here. I've heard great things about the film from Sturdy, who was on set for us, and some other people who you'd consider "in the know." One thing I've consistently heard is that this film will shake up Seth Rogen's "nice guy" image. Seems like he's a bit of an asshole in this movie. I, for one, dig the change. People dog Michael Cera for basically acting the same character in all his movies so don't dog Rogen for doing something different. In any event, a JoBlo operative recently caught a recent test screening of the film out in California and he writes in with this mini-review. Let's see what we can expect next spring when OBSERVE AND REPORT hits theaters...


Joblo! I'm a big fan of your site and I've always wanted to write in and let you know. But I never got around to it, so I am doing that now. I recently saw a test screening of a new flick called "Observe and Report" and I haven't seen anything on your site about it, so I thought I'd send my take on it.

First off, I'm sorta getting tired of Seth Rogen's movies. He seems to play in similar comedies and never really stretches too much away from his routine. But in Observe and Report, he plays a mall security guard with issues. His name is Ronnie Barnhardt and he has a lot of issues. His mother is an alcoholic who constantly trashes him even though she seems to love him. But the guy just can't get a break. He is madly in love with the smoking hot Anna Faris, who plays a make up counter girl named Brandi. She plays her as a total bitch and she's pretty damn funny, especially on their "date".

In one of the best scenes in the movie, Ronnie sort of blackmails Anna into dinner. She reluctantly goes and ends up getting really wasted. When Ronnie is about to take one of his pills for his bi-polar issue, she asks for them and he gives her some. She is popping a ton of pills and pouring down alcohol, making the date even good for her. The two finally get home and end up having sex with each other. It is a really funny but creepy scene as he is pounding away on her while she almost looks like a dead body. But when he stops, she is able to manage a couple of words telling him to keep going. It is just wrong.

The director is the same guy who did "The Foot Fist Way" and he has expanded his world on this. There is a bigger budget, even though Seth's character is a lot like the main guy is Foot Fist Way. He is kind of racist and kind of a jerk. In other words, the character is kind of a douche bag, but that is what makes him funny. I liked that he wasn't so cookie cutter, boring and likable. In fact, I think this is the most interesting role Seth has played. He does kinda sorta have a goofy girl who is actually just as hot as Anna Faris. I loved how she is treated really badly by her boss. She also works at the mall at a coffee store and the boss is constantly talking smack about her and her messed up leg. It's kinda sad how she is totally reaching out for a loser like Ronnie and he doesn't even notice.

Basically, this movie is about a douche bag fighting with the local police department as they try and find a local mall flasher. And the head cop is Ray Liotta. It's great to see Ray in a really good role. He is a major jerk to our hero and because Ronnie wants to be a cop, he totally messes with him. There is one completely unbelievable battle between some of the security guards and the cops which is pretty hilarious. It is a pretty violent fight scene that takes place in the mall and sort of reminded me of some of the action in "Pinapple Express". The cops are swinging their batons and all hell is breaking loose.

One of the more disturbing moments in the film is the constant shot of some flashers junk. It isn't until later in the film, but when it is used, it is used to gross people out. It also involved a chase, becasue after all, this is the guy that Ronnie vows to stop because he not only flashed Brandi, he jerks himself off for her too. Man, I can't get over how many times they are showing penis' in comedies lately.

I also really liked seeing Ray Liotta back in action. I also dug the kind of bizarre script. The comedy is even kinda depressing if you think about it. But I think it is better then Foot Fist (even though that was a pretty good movie). I guess I would have to give it an 8 out of 10 just because it is so different from most of the comedies coming out lately.

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