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Review: The Brothers Solomon

Sep. 7, 2007by: Tim Goernert

Two brothers, desperate for love, try everything in the dating scene only to fall flat. Just as soon as they are about to give up on chicks, they get a call and discover that their dad has slipped into a coma. They learn from the doctor that their dying fathers last wish is to have a grandchild. Naturally, the brothers want to do their old man proud and grant him his So, they throw down the gauntlet and make every attempt to impregnate a woman. Easier said than donewell not for these guys!

This movie is certainly not for everyone, more than likely it isnt for most. Most will find it extremely dumb and not that funny at all. Its too bad cause it did have the right ingredients to be a good comedy. There were a lot of little laughs but there werent that many big laughsif any. That said I did enjoy it a little but only because Im a huge Will Arnett fan. If he wasnt in this movie it would have sucked a lot more than it did. The brand of humor reminded me a lot of DUMB AND DUMBERER but no where near as funny. The brothers had this 60s golly-gee humor that worked only some of the time (the other times were a bit embarrassing). It felt like this movie was based on a SNL sketch or a series of sketches made into a movie. Characters like this would have killed on the small screen (I would have tuned in every week). Unfortunately, on the big screen it just doesnt have the same impact.

Will Arnett plays John Solomon. What can I say, I love the guy. He doesnt have to say anything and he makes me laugh. This guy is gold. He made some really uncomfortable scenes quite funny. Or at least they were to me. This guy has a real hold on me, so Im pretty much in for whatever other movie he makes, regardless if its bad or good. I miss ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT!

Will Forte plays Dean Solomon. He was good and he played off Arnetts character well. Unfortunately, I just never found the guy that funny to begin with. Did they make the perfect comedic duonot really. I think Forte should stick to SNL for a bit and hopefully he wont pull a Jimmy Fallon.

Kristen Wiig as the surrogate mother did absolutely nothing to the role. Chi McBride was pretty damn funny and the Six Million Dollar man was a welcomed surprise, too bad he didnt do much other than just lie there.

I dunno, I thought it was Ok but a lot of the people in the audience were really humming and hawing and thought it was dumb. This movie is really for a very specific audience. Mostly for those who love the Arnett. Dont even think about bringing your girlfriend unless you want to break-up with them. Realistically, the movie is a 4/10, but on a very personal side Im giving it a 6/10.

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-- by Tim Goernert



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