Reynolds is cool

Ryan Reynolds and Kristen Stewart have signed on to co-star with Jesse Eisenberg in ADVENTURELAND, the upcoming comedy from the director of SUPERBAD. Eisenberg will star as a college grad forced to work at an amusement park when he realizes his dreams of traveling Europe and finding the perfect job aren't happening. There he meets Connell (Reynolds), the aspiring rock star all the park workers idolize and he falls in love with a tomboyish co-worker (Stewart). Greg Mottola is directing from a script that he based loosely on his own travails working at Long Island's Adventureland park. Though the film takes place in New York, it will film in Pittsburgh where the amusement parks have all closed for the winter. Reynolds can be seen next in the romantic comedy DEFINITELY, MAYBE and later perpetuating the rumors of playing the Flash in some kind of feature adaptation. Stewart can be seen starting this Friday in Sean Penn's INTO THE WILD.

Extra Tidbit: Stewart replaced Hayden Panettiere ("Heroes") in PANIC ROOM.
Source: Variety



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