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Reynolds is Lantern!


Bradley Cooper won't be fleeing the color yellow, and Justin Timberlake won't be taking it on down to Lanternville.

After a week of buzz, Ryan Reynolds has vanquished his competitors and won the seemingly coveted opportunity to wear the ring (and maybe tights) for GREEN LANTERN, according to Variety.

Reynolds completes a comic-character hat trick (after Hannibal King and Wade "Deadpool" Wilson) to play Hal Jordan, who gets conscripted into the Green Lantern Corps and is tasked with protecting the planet by fabricating emerald-colored objects with powerful finger jewelry.

Two-time Bond relauncher Martin Campbell (GOLDENEYE, CASINO ROYALE) is directing the Warner Bros. action/sci-fi flick about the DC Comics hero. Production is now expected to begin in January (the movie was initially planned for a December 2010 release). Where this leaves Reynolds' planned DEADPOOL movie (a possible conflict of interest) remains to be seen.

Extra Tidbit: Now we just need to find a comic character for oft-mentioned Nathan Fillion.
Source: Variety



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