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I have the misfortune of being one of the few web writers left who haven't seen THE BROTHERS BLOOM. Now that the film has been pushed back from October to December, I'm even more anxious to sink my eyes into it. But while I wait patiently for that film, I am forced to begin waiting for another Rian Johnson film. The BLOOM writer-director has set up his next project, a "time-travel thriller" titled LOOPER. The logline as The Hollywood Reporter says goes as follows: "LOOPER is set in a present-day world in which a group of hitmen are sent for their victims from the future." While that title sounds like a bad Stargate ripoff, Johnson himself says "the logline sounds like a bad Stargate spinoff." Now there's an honest guy for ya.

While it may sound like Stargate and have a title like JUMPER, Johnson says there's still so much more to the movie that's being kept under wraps. He wrote on his website that "there's much much MUCH much more to LOOPER than that logline suggests. In fact, that quick description doesn't even get to the really interesting hook of the plot, and the plot's hook isn't what the movie is really about anyway." Color me intrigued. Of course I'd be sold if Johnson wanted to make a remake of ZARDOZ (OK, that was just a lame excuse to link to the ridiculously funny ZARDOZ trailer).

Back in July when Johnson first started talking about the project he described it as "an odd mixture of BLADE RUNNER, WITNESS and THE TERMINATOR," adding that it's "an old fashioned revenge tragedy (old man, young man, innocent woman killed, attempted revenge, tragedy,) but different."

Johnson and his producers are looking to start production in 2009. Should anyone have a copy of the LOOPER script, I'd love to get my damn dirty hands on it...

Extra Tidbit: God bless the internet when you can type in "looper+girl" in Google and an appropriate picture comes up...
Source: THR



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