Richard Kelly's next

A 40 character tweet has set off a flurry of speculation about Richard Kelly’s next project post-BOX. The message in question reads: “My new script is done - it's just... expensive:)” and for two weeks has had everyone wondering just what he's got planned that will cost so much.

Slashfilm finally tracked Kelly down and discovered a few details about his new project. It’s set in 2014 Manhattan, and the expensive part comes in when Kelly reveals that the film will be 40% motion capture, saying that he loves what Cameron and Zemeckis are doing with the technology. He refused to give up any more details after that, but hinted that he’s also working on a fifth film.

I’m not sure what clicked inside Kelly’s head, but he’s gone from reclusive and sporadic to a movie-making machine. Maybe the positive buzz around THE BOX has gotten him pumped up, but whatever the case, it’s nice to see the man working hard.

Extra Tidbit: I just want to ask that you please give your next film an equally suggestive title so it’s really easy for me to make headline puns. Thanks.
Source: Slashfilm



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