Rick James: The Movie

Remember the news a while back that Dave Chappelle would be starring in a Rick James biopic? Well that was post-"I'm Rick James, bitch!" and pre-Chappelle Meltdown. Now that we're in post-Chappelle Meltdown era, the comedian has long since left the project but Paramount is still looking to get some type of biopic off the ground. Supposedly, James' estate didn't like the Chappelle version either as they weren't fond of the "rags-to-riches-to-drugs" plot. Huh?! How can you have a Rick James biopic and not talk about the money and drugs? Do you gloss over that? Well Sheldon Turner (THE LONGEST YARD) is gonna try. He's currently writing SUPER FREAK, a Rick James movie, which focuses on his musical genius. Um, that's all well and good but I wanna see some of the dark stuff in there too. Paramount is no longer involved with the project and neither is any studio at this point. Turner is also working on a MAGNETO spinoff movie for Fox, which doesn't seem to be moving along very swiftly through development. Since Chappelle is out, who do you think would make the perfect Rick James? Jamie Foxx probably would've been great had he not done RAY first...

Source: Variety



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